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Overcome the Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make

Are you a greeting card writer? If you offer any cards on, you probably are! Greeting card writers do include many Zazzlers and designers for other print-on-demand companies. Step up to the plate, Zazzlers! Become greeting card writers Zazzlers – DON’T say you only sell blank cards. Frankly, that’s a cop-out for most designers. […]


Earn more money on Zazzle!

Do you want to earn more money on Zazzle? If you’re selling right now, be sure to optimize your profits on each and every product! This 5 minute video shows you how. Profit on Zazzle products is influenced by several main factors: Royalty Sales and coupons Referrals This video shows you how to look at […]


Content Thieves Got You Concerned?

I gave a talk yesterday at the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup and a question came up about protecting content on WordPress sites.

How do you prevent people from stealing stuff from your WordPress site?

Another organizer found this great article from by James Dunn called Stop WordPress Content Thieves from Stealing Your Content – and Your Band Width.

He’s got some fantastic suggestions for things you can do over and above watermarking your images. There are plugins available to help protect your content, images, video AND good standing with Google. You may want to take action or at least bookmark that article!

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WATCH: Handy Tool for Copyright Permissions

Someone said it so well. . . Have you ever wanted to quote someone – maybe on posters you’re creating on – and wondered how to get copyright permissions? Or if, indeed, you needed permission at all? One resource is the US government: US Copyright Office. That lets you search by works created since […]


5 Zazzle Store Customizations You Must Do!

No coding required to polish your Zazzle custom store! You don’t need to know any HTML or CSS to make five of the most important customizations for your Zazzle store. Many successful sellers have done nothing beyond these changes to customize their stores, so don’t think a really fancy design is crucial to good sales. […]

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Zazzle® Instant iPhone App – New!

You’ve been wondering how to instantly turn your iPhone photos into cool products, right? Oh, you neither? Well, sometimes we just don’t think of all the possibilities. Some right-brained person came up with the cool idea and found some coders to turn it into an interesting app. The official Zazzle Instant page has more details. […]



You’ve seen infographics all over the web lately, haven’t you? An infographic is simply a visual representation of some data / information presented serially or in a grouping. The combination of info and design creates increased engagement from readers as they study the different components of the infographic. People are more inclined to share infographics […]

Le Stryge (vampire) gargoyle at Notre Dame in Paris

My first “Brain” design!

Ancient Gargoyle: Brain is full humorous stickers by Woodswalker You can laugh – most people would hardly call this a brain design! But it really is the first one I can recall creating that mentions the brain. What was I thinking? OK, this began as a photograph I took in Paris some years ago. It’s […]

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Zazzle Product Review: Custom Notebooks

What did I think when I opened the package with my new Zazzle notebook? Wow, the cover is beautiful! And super glossy! It is very true to the product image. I had ordered the Wild Grapes in Winter Art Notebook from my Paper Lake store on  Sometimes a blue color leaning towards purple tips […]

Kindle Daily Deal on 5 Brain Books Today! Only $1.99 each!

Kindle Daily Deal on 5 Brain Books Today! Only $1.99 each!

Just heard about this – Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal features five brain books today for only $1.99 each. They sound pretty darn geared to the RIGHT BRAIN. Amazon says this “inspiring collection is filled with fascinating and fun strategies for unleashing your imagination, recharging your intuition, and bolstering your self-confidence. All five books feature expert […]