Somehow I took the summer off!

Sometimes, the time just gets away from you! Now that September is well underway, I’ve come back to working on again. Of course, I was working on my Zazzle stores and another project I’ll tell you about later, but the best part was playing with a box! (I really did not spend my time sitting on a dock, lovely as that idea is!)dock

doorsI spent a lot of the summer building a pirate ship for two little girls. It turned into a giant coloring book with artistic spurts broken up by screaming and laughing through the portholes. I found little girls are only interested in swords for about 30 seconds, hats for about two minutes and eye patches for about five minutes.

But cardboard and crayons and markers are good for hours and hours.

pirate ship



If you have the chance to play pirate with a beautiful two year old, turn off your computer and go play! The computer will always be there, but the children will grow up and move on.




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