Brain Designs T-shirts and Gifts

Whether you want to show off using your whole brain or are looking for some brainy humor, there are lots of fun brain designs available at  These days, a lot of brain designs have to do with zombies and the consumption of brains, but there are still plenty of smart brain style designs and even a few right-brain-left-brain designs. Shown are some that caught my attention as well as a mini-selection of what’s available. I think there’s room in this market for more clever brain designs! Are you having a brainstorm of ideas?

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brain tshirt on model
Funny Zombie Bride Brains Cartoon Tee image
Mind Struggle Tee Shirt on model


mug for right brained artistsright brain left brain mugright brain left brain mugAccursed Brain Eaters of Saturn mugcreative minds are usually right mug


Brain Designs Gifts – sort by newest or popular

This selection of brain designs will vary all the time as designers create new brain designs and zombies eat others. Or something.

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