pinterest recipes

Easy way to pin Zazzle products to Pinterest!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? No, not for saving recipes and collecting photos of places you’d dream about going to if you really wanted to dive with dolphins while wearing your size 4 bikini* and spending all your Zazzle loot. Oh, never mind about the loot. We aren’t making it anyway AND we are […]

rainy day

Which holiday is it now?

Is it just me? Everyone else is celebrating Halloween and I am thinking Christmas! It didn’t occur to me that I was out of whack with the rest of the world until I was making Christmas cookies two days ago without question.   My sister called me on it when I posted a picture of […]

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How to increase your Zazzle referral income

Are you a storekeeper or affiliate? You probably already know how the Zazzle program for referrals works. It’s a way for anyone to earn money through the sales of Zazzle products. Got a website? Create an ad on it. Hanging out on Pinterest or Google+ or Facebook? Post links to products you like or that you […]

shirt with new Zazzle design tool

Zazzle’s New Design Tool 2013

Has it happened to you yet? You open a product on your  store – or you go to buy one on someone else’s store and. . . it happens. You are not in Oz anymore and Toto has left town. Actually, maybe you are in Oz now, because things got weird. Instead of clicking your heels, […]

Recycled Desert Environment paper

Do you know what your Zazzle invitation paper looks like?

New invitation paper at Zazzle The Zazzle invitation paper selection has been increased to eight different types (not counting Speckled since it’s been out of stock for ages). I don’t know if there are new suppliers or what – this change happened last week. The textures have gotten much more interesting! I ordered a selection […]

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Great deal on webhosting today only!

Can I get a good web host at a great price? The question of where to host a WordPress website – or any blog or site – comes up a lot. People ask about web hosting in the Zazzle forums all the time. They ask on Facebook all the time. Everyone you turn, new wannabe […]

Tiny Red, Pink and Cream Hearts Tutu Wall Skin

Zazzle Wall Decals – Enough to Make Your Head Explode!

Wall decals were wildly anticipated on Zazzle last year, but I don’t find many people designing a lot of them. I asked in one of the Zazzle forums and several other sellers said exactly what I was thinking about the Zazzle wall decal shapes. Too many designs! I was overwhelmed and hardly made any. I […]


The Power of Art

Art – visual and verbal – mixed in a creative brew of motion and emotion has the power to sear feelings, add wings to messages and transform lives. It can start to heal open wounds, flay whips and send ripples across complacent waters. Want to see a fresh example for yourself? Watch this video about […]

One year old investigating the recently closed door.

Why I love digital art tools

Art Student Flop I have a vivid memory of a summer art class while in college. It was drawing, mostly with charcoal or pencil, but occasionally with expensive art ink pens. One sunny day, we were all sitting outside on the manicured grass of the campus with the Red Cedar River rushing in brown swirls […]