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Writing without Repetition – A Tool for Using the Right Word

Like, you know those days when you can’t come up with new words? And every sentence is like, you know, just like all the others? (throws hands up in air)

No one wants to write or read that boringness, of course. Really, you WANT to be using the right word in your writing. You just can’t think of it!

Sometimes your brain is tired or the word you want is elusive. Perhaps you need a word you don’t even know yet! Experts do tell you not to use $5 words when 5¢ ones will work, but IMO, $2 words can be very snazzy.

[snazzy: flashily stylish]

Actually, apropos is probably a better word

[apropos: of an appropriate or pertinent nature]

When the perfect bon mot is hidden away from your fingers – find it with this very sweet (free) online thesaurus which I found today via It’s a great tool for writers, bloggers and product tagging. And, likely, keywords. You know, the obvious ones are so close to us that sometimes we don’t see them!

Even sweeter for a visual person with a word on the brain is the Graph Word feature! (Look for it on the menu bar.) It draws out a diagram showing all the words related to the word you enter. And it color codes them by part of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb.

Check out a graph of the word brain.  (Caveat: maybe not for those of us with attention issues. . . )

I bet there’s an unexpected word or two for you – there was for me!brain word map from graphwords.comEnjoy! And let’s all write more snazzy, apropos sentences using the right words, ok?