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Add a shadow to category icons on Zazzle

Someone recently “liked” my Woodswalker store on and asked how I had added shadows to the category icons. With so many “flat” designs these days, shadows and dimensional adds aren’t seen as much. I recently checked to see how Zazzle was adding shadows to product images and saw many product images with no shadows […]

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How well does a watermark protect your art?

I remember the first watermarks I encountered. They were on elegant stationery that revealed a subtle crest or other pattern in the paper. I thought that was an indicator of fine paper. Paper money and postage stamps were watermarked as well, but never caught my attention the same way. Watermarking has been around since 13th […]


Somehow I took the summer off!

Sometimes, the time just gets away from you! Now that September is well underway, I’ve come back to working on again. Of course, I was working on my Zazzle stores and another project I’ll tell you about later, but the best part was playing with a box! (I really did not spend my time […]


Zazzle Storebuilder Premium Plugin

The Zstore Helper Plugin – Premium Edition is no longer available for sale. If you already have a copy, it should still be working, but there won’t be any updates. Bill H (aka FishTsdotcom) had developed a premium version of Paul Robinson’s free Zstore Helper plugin and offered it for sale on his site. Bill […]

Online Printing

Graphic Designer’s Road Map

Graphic designers – including Zazzle designers! – check out this handy infographic from They interviewed leading graphic designers to gather some useful how-to tips and resources and packaged them into this handsome graphic. Click to Enlarge ImageVia:Online Printing


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

One summer, I was the one feeding the turkeys every day and making sure the silly things were locked up at night. Truthfully, I was a little intimidated to have two turkeys run straight at me because they heard the rattle of corn in their feed bucket. Not everyone is anxious to have animals eating […]

It's hard to keep your head above the flood

Do you focus like a racehorse?

Too many days go like this. . . I’m working on a new snowman design and adapting it for a variety of Zazzle products. Crap, there’s another new product it would work well on. Then an email pops up that looks interesting (see below). Or, I have to wait for Photoshop to process something complicated. […]

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Easy way to pin Zazzle products to Pinterest!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? No, not for saving recipes and collecting photos of places you’d dream about going to if you really wanted to dive with dolphins while wearing your size 4 bikini* and spending all your Zazzle loot. Oh, never mind about the loot. We aren’t making it anyway AND we are […]

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Which holiday is it now?

Is it just me? Everyone else is celebrating Halloween and I am thinking Christmas! It didn’t occur to me that I was out of whack with the rest of the world until I was making Christmas cookies two days ago without question.   My sister called me on it when I posted a picture of […]

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How to increase your Zazzle referral income

Are you a storekeeper or affiliate? You probably already know how the Zazzle program for referrals works. It’s a way for anyone to earn money through the sales of Zazzle products. Got a website? Create an ad on it. Hanging out on Pinterest or Google+ or Facebook? Post links to products you like or that you […]