Right Brain Left Turn is the newest red-headed brainchild of an indolent punster.avatar

Actually, more of a smart-ass who loves words.

And pictures. And color.

And numbers.

And talking to strangers (most of the time).

She figures she has wrestled both the right and left sections of her non-symmetrical brain into working together on a more-or-less regular basis and can help you do the same! (BTW, your brain is not symmetrically divided either–no one’s is!)

Really, some people say that this right brain = creative and left brain = logical stuff is all nonsense. Maybe so, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a metaphor employed here for using left brain tools to produce, show, and profit from right brain creativity online. We can all easily understand what it means to say “I’ve always been more right-brained.” or “I’ve always done left-brain work.”

Being creative without a clue how to use that talent in today’s online world is hard. You’ve either got to figure a lot of  things out that involve calculations and links and spreadsheets and HTML code–or find someone to help you do it. Or someone to do it for you.

Being logical without being creatively minded is a different conundrum, but also tricky! YOU might need to learn design principles and how to use a paintbrush or digital art software or find people who are already skilled in these things to work with.

For anyone, being rashly ignorant of basic design principles can set you directly toward AWKWARDVILLE (with a potential turn to UGLY STREET) or you the ISLAND OF DYSFUNCTIONAL DESIGN.

[What do I mean? Basic oops! include: Cut-off text. Illegible text. Invitations without party times. Business cards without contact info. Ghosting on black t-shirts. Pixelation. Color surprises. Blurry photography. Etc!]

That is where Right Brain Left Turn comes in.

She can help you learn some of this stuff – or do it for you. If you want to:

  • get your art onto products for sale through online channels
  • promote your business by adding your logo to business cards and t-shirts
  • create custom photo gifts for your friends and family
  • make extra cash by selling your designs and clever ideas on products
  • decorate your home with unique gifts and wall art
  • promote a cause via t-shirts and products and social media
  • show off your style with unique apparel and accessories
  • endorse a political point of view – or just capitalize on one via products
  • earn money from decent affiliate rates from referrals
  • create a WordPress blog of your own
  • promote your art through blogging
  • capitalize on current events
  • find brilliant paper goods & gifts for a special event

you will (eventually!) find this information here. Or, just ask!

Right Brain Left Turn – ok, her name is Debra – has been a Proseller on since June, 2009 and a WordPress blogger since 2007. She loves learning, including WordPress meetups, Photoshop World conferences, Lightroom seminars, photography classes, wildflower conferences, books and webinars and enjoys the smell of cedars and the sight of water and mountains. She doesn’t have a television–the internet has warped her attention span beyond the ability to watch TV.

proseller image

Debra has background in business, engineering, photography, finance, master gardening, herbs, wildflowers, permaculture and industrial design and has picked up photo art, computer art, digital painting, internet marketing, social media bits-and-pieces and WordPress blogging. And she can spot illogical thoughts a page away!

Oh, and she’s addicted to online forums and cheddar cheese and likes to sit in the back row by the windows.

Wasn’t that just everything you wanted to know – and then some? Now let’s create brilliant stuff! Artists don’t have to starve and logicals don’t have to live in black and white boxes.

Check out links to my Zazzle stores here: Lake Effects Design or Facebook pages: Lake Effects Design and Right Brain Left Turn.