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New on Zazzle! Custom Photo Bags by Bagettes

Did you ever think you could give the same gift to your seven year old daughter, her teacher, yourself (or your wife or girlfriend), your mother, your teenage niece, the choir director at church and the neighbor next door who babysits for you? And it wouldn’t be chocolate? And no one would say it doesn’t fit them?

[OK, probably this works better if we assume that all the above (except maybe YOU) are female.]

No, not a silly gift certificate to the mall! How about a custom photo gift? It could be a coin

New Product Introduction

Bagettes Custom Photo Bags have got to be the easiest product ever for photographers and snapshot lovers! And they are so darned cute! You will want to have – or gift – several of them. Bagettes was begun by mompreneur Felice Azorsky in 2003 and has taken off since.

Without fanfare, a few days ago added an nine bag line-up of Bagettes for designers and customers to create beautiful, fun, interesting, or gothic designs on. Or just to add that photograph of a bunch of friends together, an engagement photo, a new baby or all the grandkids.

Here’s what was introduced in the Bagette line:

  1. Small cosmetic bag
  2. Medium cosmetic bag
  3. Sueded medium cosmetic bag
  4. Key coin clutch
  5. Sueded mini clutch
  6. Small Wristlet or Mini Clutch
  7. Medium Wristlet
  8. Clip on accessory bag
  9. Travel accessory bag

BTW, you may notice that the names of the bags get a little confused (and confusing!) sometimes. Just check the descriptions. I think there’s some Google love-seeking going on as well as the organizational pains of a new product line.

A few Gift Ideas

Want a special gift for Mom or Grandma?
Create a bag with photos of her baby, kids or grandkids. And the family pet!

Want custom gifts for your bridesmaids?
Create cosmetic bags that coordinate with your wedding colors, or flowers, or have photographs from a girl get-together!

Want a special gift for a recent graduate?
A photo of her and her friends on graduation day on one side and kindergarten on the other would be fun!

There are so many possibilities to create cool bags with photos of family and friends, pets, flowers, food (think cupcakes!), schools, houses, vacations, birthdays, weddings, parties, hobbies, sports and more! And then add all the myriad artwork that would be enjoyed!

Zazzle Designers

I’ve started designing on these in my Beachwalker and Woodswalker stores already. Some people have wondered whether it makes sense to design on just one bag or on all eight of them. Because of the format, customers can easily switch from wristlets to cosmetic bags or coin purses.

However, Zazzle’s search design does go by specific products. If someone is looking for a Key Coin Clutch specifically, a Mini-Clutch that COULD be turned into a Key Coin Clutch will not show up in the search. Personally, I set up some templates to quickly design a set of eight bags at once.

How are you handling it?

Zazzle Customers

If you are a customer looking to design some custom gifts for friends and family, these little bags will be pretty easy!

Click on the links to create Custom Accessories Bags, Custom Cosmetic Bags, Custom Coin Purses, and Custom Wristlets.

Just make sure:

  1. Use a photo that is clear and nicely colored
  2. Check the design view to make sure your photo will go to the edges
  3. Check both sides of the bag before you buy
  4. Consider adding a name or date or greeting

Or, want to shop some of the new designs? These are pretty new to have all the typical pages, but you’ll find already-designed Bagettes wristlets and coin purses here. I think some designers may have gotten a head start! 🙂  In a few days, I should have some summer beach designs in the Beachwalker store and the Woodswalker store. If you’re looking for a design you like and don’t see it, just use the Send Message option in the sidebar of either store. Or leave a comment on this post.

What’s next?

I wondered when – if – Zazzlers will have access to the entire lineup of Bagettes. My crystal ball is cloudy! How’s yours?

I’m planning a coin purse for my mom with photos of her two brand new great-grandbabies. It’s a bit late for Mother’s Day, but never too late to give mom a gift!

What will you design? For whom?