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Which holiday is it now?

Is it just me?

Everyone else is celebrating Halloween and I am thinking Christmas! It didn’t occur to me that I was out of whack with the rest of the world until I was making Christmas cookies two days ago without question.

Christmas cookies in process

Christmas cookies in process


My sister called me on it when I posted a picture of my holiday cookies in the midst of assembly:

“It’s not Christmas!” she protests on my Facebook page.

What? This from the woman who does her Christmas shopping in the summer, makes her dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies by Thanksgiving and mails her cards by December 1st?

How much attention do I pay to that? Scolding is second nature for her and I’m the OLDER sister. (No, wait, she wants to be older than me. I don’t mind if we switch!)

But, I have to ask myself: If I’m off by her calendar, maybe I really am off?

Holidays for designers and internet marketers

Well, actually, Halloween and Thanksgiving feel a little invisible to me because I am operating on internet marketer time – also known as Zazzle time! That means I am thinking about selling and the all-important Christmas season. Cyber-Monday is looming! Designers on all the PODs (print on demand companies) have been designing and planning for Christmas for months.

The Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / Solstice / Winter Holiday season is the biggest, most concentrated selling season of the year for everyone except the wedding designers.

According to the National Retailers Federation website, 20-40% of annual sales take place between November 1st and December 31st. They also say that about 40% of shoppers (like my sister) start their shopping before Halloween.

At, storekeepers and promoters are hoping that the increased variety of product helps make up for the significant loss of volume bonus.

What about you? Which holiday are you thinking about? Did you hand out candy on Halloween or go trick-or-treating this evening?

If you did, you might have missed the newest products introduced tonight!

Pink Gerber Daisy Thank You  I dig the beach red and aqua sand pail

Let me know if you are operating a different calendar than others around you, too!

BTW, it was pouring rain here all day anyway so I never turned the lights on for trick-or-treaters. That’s my excuse!
rainy day